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SAFHIR Applications

SAFHIR applications use OAuth2 to access SAFHIR Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).



SAFHIR Applications

SAFHIR applications typically function on behalf of insurance companies (i.e. Payers or Health Plans). SAFHIR applications frequently access Protected Health Information (PHI). Since these applications access sensitive health information, on behalf of members, additional precautions are taken when vetting individual developers, companies, and applications. An application is required to be approved before production API access is granted by a given individual payer. Access to data then requires an application to be granted specific authorization by the Health Plan member.

SAFHIR Developer Portal

The SAFHIR Developer Portal manages developer registration, application registration, application approval, and obtaining credentials necessary for your application to work in production. The necessary access credentials are issued on a per payer organization, per application registration basis.


Developer identity verification will be conducted before granting access to Payer registration processes. Valid contact information, including names, must be provided when registering.